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Guitar Chords When Thou Art With Me Oh Lord


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When Thou art with me, Oh Lord Divine
The Light within me begins to shine ?
There are no shadows to keep Thy smile from me
When Thou art near, Lord, my soul is free.

When I awaken, when night goes by,
Let me recall, Lord, that Thou art nigh ?
On freedom?s pathway, Oh let me walk with Thee
In Peace and Love Lord ? to liberty

Lord ? be with me, thru? tears and song
Thru? storm and sunshine, Oh, make me strong
I am a child, Lord ? who reaches out to Thee
Oh, lead me on to ? Eternity

Oh spare this child, Lord, the Gift of Grace
And just one smile, Lord, to light my face
I sip Thy Nectar, to feed this soul of mine
Oh, how I love Thee, my Lord Divine

NOTE: chords are shown IN PDF download

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