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Guitar Chords Baba I Love You, Love And Adore


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Baba I love You, Love and Adore You
Waking or sleeping, sunshine or rain.
I?m holding Your hand Lord, no longer lonely,
Warm in Your Grace, Oh Baba I love You.

Baba my pathway, isn?t all roses
Sometimes I wonder, Why all these tears
Then I remember, how much You love me
And living is easy Oh Baba I Love You

Baba tomorrow, when comes the dawning
There in that moment, recalling Your grace
Deep in my Heart Lord I will be with You
Wamed by devotion Oh Baba I love You

Baba oh Baba, Love is the answer
Love is the reason
Love is the way
Here in Your Steps Lord I find direction
How can I falter, Oh Baba I love, Baba I love You

NOTE: chords are shown IN PDF download

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